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Say: "I’m only a man like you. It has been revealed to me that your God is one God! So, whoever hopes to meet his Lord, let him do righteous work and not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord."

Address to Donors

In March 1996, the project of building the Mosque of Plateau was launched thanks to the funds granted by the Government of the former President of the Republic, HE Mr Henri Konan BEDIE, and diverse donors.

Over the course of the work, the minaret and the gold blue dome of this beautiful religious building, eventually emerged in the landscape of Plateau, the business district of Abidjan, where the Presidential Palace and the Town Hall also stand.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with great works of faith, the construction of this impressive building dedicated to the Almighty, which began with enthusiasm, experienced many interruptions and stopped in December 1999 due to lack of funds.

On that date, the work completed amounted to 8.16 billion CFA francs (US $16.32 million) for an initial total cost of about 10 billion CFA francs (US $20 million) updated, in June 2012, to 15.21 billion CFA francs (US $30.42 million).

In 2007, hope came back for the Muslim community of Côte d’Ivoire, thanks to the former President of the Republic’s solicitude, HE Mr Laurent GBAGBO, who authorized the disbursement of 500 million CFA francs (US $1 million) for the resumption of the work.

Thanks to this allocation and the amount of 142 million CFA francs (US $284,000) available on that date in the bank account for the Mosque opened at the BICICI Head Office, work resumed and enabled the laying of flagstones on the esplanade, the painting and the tiling of the prayer hall and the erection of the fence.

From now on, prayers are held in the prayer hall and on the esplanade of the Mosque, putting an end to the numerous annoyances caused to worshippers who prayed for years, in the open air, in the car park of the Town Hall of Abidjan.

A new hope has emerged with the coming to power of the current President of the Republic HE Mr Alassane OUATTARA who, as Prime Minister (1990-1993), always paid special attention to issues of the religious communities of our country. That’s the reason why the Ivorian Muslim community turns with great expectation to him in order to complete this beautiful building, which is the pride of the Muslims of Côte d’Ivoire.

To bring this important project to completion, a Fundraising and Supervising Committee for the Completion of the Work on the Mosque of Plateau has been set up. The mission of the committee I have the honour to chair is to:
- raise funds necessary for the completion of the work,
- undertake expenditure, and,
- supervise the execution of the work.

At the technical level, the prime contractor is still the National Bureau of Technical Studies and Development (BNETD, its French acronym), which is in charge of, among others, controlling the quality of the work with all the expertise required for that purpose.

This website, intended for generous donors we wish to be numerous, takes stock of the work already completed and presents the funding needs which amount to 6.5 billion CFA francs (US $13 million).

Foundations, state institutions, religious associations, members of the Ummah, men and women of goodwill, your contributions of all kinds are welcome to offer the Muslim community of Côte d’Ivoire a work worthy of its faith and devotion to God.

May Allah The Merciful bless you for your good deeds!


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